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Mountaineering & Camping Tours


Whats Mountaineering!

The Sport of walking, hiking, trekking and climbing up mountains is known as Mountaineering. Also known as Alpinisim it has branched out into specializations like rock craft, snow craft and skiing.Fitness of body and mind along with good athletic and technical ability is required to conquer this sport.

Ötzi the Iceman, was the first person to land at 3000ft, about 5,300years ago.Also known as Frozen Fritz, his well preserved Mummy was found in 1991 in the Schnalstal glacier in the Ötztal Alps, between Austria and Italy. It is considered to be the beginning of the Sport called the Mountaineering.

The world's highest mountain (above mean sea level), Mount Everest (8,848 m) was first climbed on May 29, 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay from the south side in Nepal.

Famous Mountaineering Places :


K2 lies on the border of China andPakistan, touching India.he first westerner who saw the peak was probably Lieutenant T.G. Montgomerie. In 1856, he was surveying the mountains in the area and spotted the extraordinary peaks of Karakoram, which he gave temporary names: K for Karakoram plus a number for each peak, e.g. K-1, K-2, K-3 and so on. Today it is supposed to be one of the toughest peaks to climb.

Mount Everest

The Flight to the Mount Everest seems impossiible from a distance, but the people have dared to touch this peak too. Not a childs play, it dares the dent of the Mountaineers.

The Mountaineering Pack and the Hazards

» Snow : Rough, hard snow with spikes is one of the major dangers which one encounters. For such hard non - crushed snow, Crampons 10-12 point spikes which are attached to the mountain boots are used on the hard snow. Snow Shoes can be used to wlk through the deep snow, skis can be used everywhere boots can be used.

» Ice : Ice can be dangerous in the sense if one slips, then there is no stoppage. But then there are methods to stop the Snow. Pickets or screws can be used if the terrain is slippery. Each climber on the team must clippast the anchorand the last climber picks up the picket. This is known as Simul - Climbing. If the terrain is vertical then normal ice climbimg technique is used.

» Glaciers Crevasses : These ( deep slits or chasms) are a g reat danger while walking on Glaciers. These giant cracks are not always avialable as the snow can be blown and makes the difference impossible for the ametures to decide.For this Crampons and Ice Axes are used. The team of two to five climbers tie themselves into a rope equally spaced. The members of the team enact a Crevasse rescue to the fallen climer, if any.

Avlanches : These are the biggest dangers in the ice clad mountains.There are two types of avlanches:

# » Hard slab avalanche : Formed by hard packed snow in cohesive slabs which are very hard to break, sometimes impossible.It results in large blocks tumbling down the mountain.

» Soft Slab Avlanche : This sort of Avlanche ice tends to break easily. It is very dangerous one as it can knock down th eclimber instantlyor sweep them over a cliff into a terrain trap.

Places For Camping India

Gulmarg, K2 , Mount Everest, Himalayas, are some of the places which are best known as Mountaineering grounds in India. Here is a list of the popular mountaineering places India

  • Leh - Upshi - Chumathang Sikkim
  • Mount Everest
  • Kanchanzonga or K2
  • Nanda Devi
  • Zanzkar Vally Jammu and Kashmir
  • Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh
  • Darjeeling in Himachal Pradesh
  • Karakoram Ranges
  • Garhwal Himalayas
  • Gulmarg J& K
  • The Himalayas
  • Num and Kun Jammu & Kashmir

What To Take

    There are certain dangers while mountaineering which one should remember -
  • Be beware of the high altitude sickness.The best treatment is to descend easily. Remember high altitude sickness can lead to HACE( High Altitude Cerebral Edoema) and Hape (High Altitude Pulmonary Edoema). Both of them can be fatal, if not cured within 24 hrs.
  • Whatever you carry , the basic idea is - the lighter the better, be it your knife or your boots.
  • There are vey less chances that you will get to bathe in the entire expedition, so carry the smallest soap in the market.Shampoo, sachet. Toothpaste, sachet. Deodorant all of them the trial sizeYour sunblock, lotion, muscle pain medication, and cologne, repack them into tiny plastic containers used to keep the camera film rolls.
  • Pack your clothes as per the events and not by the type. ITS NOT GOING TO BE A PARTY OUT THERE, so get to the lightest and the warmest here.
  • Take the instant food as much as possible. Get Margarine oil instead of Cooking oil. Eveything frozes on the top of the hill except the Margarine.
  • Pack your trash while leaving the mountains. You cannot and are not permitted to leave your trash on the top of the hills.So take one or two sparce plastic grocery bag to get your trash back.

Note: for any quarries for Camping & Mountaineering Holidays pl. feel free to contact us at

Water Rafting

If you are a normal healthy person and without any fear of water, then rafting can be your sport. A river journey is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the rural areas and natural environments of any country. White water rafting in Uttaranchal has become the modern-day centerpiece of complete vacations that can include a world of activities. The key ingredient, of course, is still the tremendous whitewater that courses through the state's spectacular mountain scenery. Uttaranchal offers one of the broadest array of river experiences available anywhere in the world, from mild to wild with everything in between. The river Ganges cuts against the rocky banks, crash into rocks, crevices and breaking into white water rapids, foaming, swirling, and falling in a thunderous din.

White Water River Rafting in the north Indian state of Uttaranchal is the extreme and never-ending thrills in the untamed rivers. The rivers in the upper Himalayas are among the best in the world for river rafting sports, with many challenges, challenging the body and spirit of the river rafter. Uttaranchal has an array of river rafting regions, which suits both amateurs and professionals.

Major Sites for White Water River Rafting

In Garhwal Himalayas, the sacred river Ganga offers the professional as well as the beginners the thrill of whitewater river rafting. The rivers Alakananda & Bhagirathi are the main tributaries of the Ganga and meet Devprayag, frothing from their racy descent. Their waters are grade IV to V, challenging the expert to survive the thrill.

Down river from Devprayag, the Ganga changes into a pool drop river. This stretch of almost 70-kms is perfect for the beginners, for here the river offers some fine grade III rapids and two grade IV rapids, the 'Wall' at Bysi and the 'Golf Course' 4-kms. Below Shivpuri village; each followed by deep and placid pools. Sandy beaches boundaries the river at intervals, allowing river rafters to pull up alongside. The slopes on either side are dominated by oak, pine, spruce and fir, with the occasional village. Wildlife can be seen at a distance, especially spotted Deer, Monkeys, Leopard, while multi hued butterflies can been seen flying from flower to flower.

Situated amongst the thick forest on the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway at an altitude of 480 m, is the place of the mighty waters of Ganga, which are most ideal for whitewater river rafting. Riding the Ganges is an exciting experience and its this apparent invincible power of this majestic river that has attracted the adventure seekers to the challenging sport of river rafting.

Essentials For River Rafting

Carry dry bags or boxes to keep your small personal items you may bring with you. Be sure to take any necessary prescription medications such as inhalers, bee-sting kits, insulin etc. Don't carry your car keys, wallets, cell phones etc. with you for the rafting trip. Also take along sunscreen, sunglasses with a strap to secure them and a camera. Disposable waterproof cameras are easily available, easy to take along with you and take good quality pictures.

The perfect rafting gear on most rivers during the summertime is a simple swimsuit, nylon shorts, tennis shoes or sandals, and a hat. Spring and autumn rafting trips are the ones that require additional clothing. In any case be sure to dress in layers so that you can easily add or remove articles, as you need. Avoid cotton clothing while rafting, except in summers as cotton takes away the warmth from your body. Wool, polyester fleece and other synthetic materials will keep you warmer and will dry faster than cotton. Many rafting clubs have wetsuits available for rent.

River Rafting Places in India

  • Ganges River, Garhwal,
  • Gangotri, Garhwal Himalayas,
  • Lake Paradise, Nanital,
  • Asan Barrage
  • Kudiyala Rafters Club
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